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How Do I Get Involved with Dynamis Speech & Debate?
What Commitments Do Students Need to Make?
  • Team Policy

    • Time outside of club - approximately 2-4 hours/week

    • Partnership - You are committed to a partnership, where each person shares in the workload.

    • Contribute to writing briefs for club

  • Speech - Depends upon category. For example, Impromptu requires little to no time outside of class, while Apologetics and Mars Hill may require several hours each week outside of class.

  • Lincoln Douglas

    • Time outside of club - up to 2 hours/week

    • Contributing to cases for club

  • Tournaments
    • At least two per year - Tournaments start late November/early December. Atlanta-area tournaments will be almost monthly from December through April.

    • Are typically Friday-Saturday, but may be Thursday-Saturday. A competitor *must* be there all day for the entirety of the tournament.

What Commitments Do Parents Need to Make?
  • Club involvement

    • To educate yourself

    • To provide insight/feedback

    • To provide support for practice rounds

  • Tournament requirements

    • 100% Volunteer run

    • Not a drop-off activity

  • Student support 

    • Familiarize yourself with the topic

    • Listen to your student noodle through things

    • Keep the focus on the journey, not the destination

    • Practice tough love! Don’t let your kids quit. Speech and debate is hard work, and they may feel defeated at times. But the long-term benefits will be worth it. The only way to get better is by doing it!

What Are the Costs? How Do I Register?
  • Club fees​ - Our goal is to provide as many students as possible the skills, experiences, and benefits of competitive speech and debate. Like many extracurricular activities, competitive debate (and speech) has on-going costs, especially to participate in tournaments; therefore, I keep tuition at a minimum. The 2024-2025 schedule will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

  • Stoa membership is required and is $95/family before Oct. 1, then it is $125.

  • Tournaments

    • Professional clothing is required for tournaments. For young ladies: a blazer over a dress or a pant or skirt suit (with jacket) and professional footwear. For young men: a suit or jacket and dress pants plus dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes.

    • Tournament fees and meals

    • Travel - While we have a number of local tournaments, tournaments are held throughout the country, as close as Nashville and as far as California. It is up to you, your partner and your parents how often and how far you travel.

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