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What Debate Events are Available?
  • Team policy

    • Students are paired with a partner for the season; this is the team.

    • The team will write its own Affirmative case, which ideally will be argued throughout the season.

    • The students will also write Negative briefs to be shared with the club to prepare to argue against Affirmative cases.

    • Cases and briefs will be updated throughout the season based on current events, research, and opponents’ Affirmative cases from tournaments.

Due to the advanced skills required, participation in the following debate styles requires approval from the Club Director, Robin Axelberd.

  • Lincoln Douglas

    • Students compete individually. 

    • Each student is responsible for writing an Affirmative case.

    • Each student is responsible for writing Negative cases, briefs, and/or evidence.

  • Parliamentary

    • This is a team event, though partners do not have to be the same as Team Policy

    • Less formal, quicker paced, shorter rounds

    • Resolutions are announced 20 minutes prior to the round. In the 20 minutes, students are able to research the topic using the Internet and prepare for the debate. Teams on the same side of the resolution can work together and they are able to receive input from coaches, parents, siblings, etc. 

More details about each event can be found at under the “Get Started” tab.

What Type of Speech Events are Available?
  • Open to ages 12-18

  • Speech categories

    • Interpretive: Duo, Humorous, Open, Dramatic

    • Limited Prep: Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Apologetics, Mars Hill

    • Platform: Original Oratory, Expository, Persuasive

    • Wildcard: Interp in a Box


More details about each event can be found at under the “Get Started” tab.

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