What is Stoa?
  • National Christian organization which facilitates opportunities for training and competition in speech and debate.

  • Membership-driven

  • More information can be found at www.StoaUSA.org

Who are we? 

We are a parent-led speech and debate club for Christian Homeschoolers between the age of 12-18.  Dynamis is a new club started by Josh & Robin Axelberd. The Axelberds have been involved with speech and debate for the better part of eight years, having two, soon to be three, sons who have competed. In an effort to grow the speech and debate community in Georgia and with a desire to invest, influence, and impact the next generation of Christian leaders, we felt a calling to start a new club.

Why "Dynamis"?

Dynamis is the Greek word meaning explosive or abundant power. The word is used in Acts 1:8 when Jesus tells his disciples, “You will receive power (dynamis) when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses...to the ends of the earth.” Our words have power. When we learn to speak boldly, we can change the world for Christ.

What are clubs?
  • Clubs are local organizations that exist to educate, train and equip students, ultimately to participate in tournaments.

  • Clubs are independent and unique in their approach; there is no set curriculum or meeting format.